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Meet Shane Seo, Fund Manager

Accredited Investors* are able to invest in Seo Capital Management Fund directly starting with small amounts of money, even from their retirement accounts, and they can reinvest the fixed interest payouts to compound their returns.

The capital invested is used in joint venture projects mainly with another fund held by the Fund Managers, Shane Seo & Cherif Medawar, to capitalize on its momentum in the market since 2009.

This is a great way to invest for those who seek a fixed income without having any associated expenses or hassles.

Seo Capital Management Fund uses the capital for joint venture real estate projects. These projects are managed by Shane Seo, Real Estate Fund Manager, mainly with the private fund MIGSIF and its subsidiaries and/or related entities that have a track record focusing on residential rehab primarily located in San Francisco and the Bay Area in California and commercial properties mainly in Old San Juan Puerto Rico.

Assets are acquired through relationships with sellers, bankers, asset managers, and brokers. The properties get repositioned through rehabbing or adding value and then are either sold or held for cash flow.

"Few are the times I’ve entered into a potential business deal without feeling  the need to have one hand on my wallet and the other hand on my Colt 45. As my brothers and I began our first deal with Shane, it quickly became apparent that I could set my trust meter on cruise. Shane is wise beyond his years in constructing a deal that requires thinking outside the box, and will make every effort for both sides of the table to benefit. On our first deal he introduced options that at the time were unfamiliar to us, but required more trust on his part than ours. 
     If you are looking for someone to structure a business deal who will play fair and who will consider your needs in the end game, take a little time and sit down with Shane. Trust me, you can leave your Colt at home. "

Johnny B.Johnny B.Rome, GA

“I have known Shane since late 2016, I met him through a mutual friend at a class in Rome Georgia. We struck up a conversation and quickly realized we had common values, interests, and goals. Over the years our friendship grew organically, as we talked about our families and business ideas. I have been involved in multiple business ventures with Shane, both large and small. Shane takes great care to make sure everyone involved in whatever the transaction may be is happy with what is agreed upon. I honestly feel that he would be crushed to find out someone felt that they got the short end of the stick after a deal was complete. Shane has told me on multiple occasions that he wants everyone, Buyers and Sellers to be excited with the transaction.”
“I am excited to be a part of Seo Capital and excited to see what the future holds for Shane and the folks that are investing in the fund. Shane is defiantly a go-getter, a great business partner, and a friend.”

AJAJAlways Listening and Learning

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