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Elite Capital Management

Elite Capital Management is a real estate fund that makes investing safe and simple. We raise capital to invest in secured cash-flowing real estate projects. Investors, like yourself, are able to invest in Elite Capital Management directly so you can start to build wealth and retire early.

Investing with Us

What we do

We raise capital to invest in real estate projects through joint ventures and in our other existing funds and projects.

Fund Manager, Shane Seo, has been involved in both residential and commercial transactions for many years, and his expertise is in residential rehabs and sales, as well as, commercial repositioning and adding value.

What's in it for you

If you are an accredited investor* you can invest as little as $25,000 USD and become a creditor to the fund with a fixed return of 6% or invest more money and get to 8% return.

As a creditor, you have no hassles, fixed income paid semi-annually, and you can cash out your principal with a notice to the fund manager within any 12 months period.

What you should do about it

If you are an accredited investor*, Schedule a consultation below.

Our team will assist you in answering any questions one-on-one, discussing the details of our offering, and leading you through the easy investment process.

*The SEC defines an accredited investor as someone whose net worth is over $1 million excluding his/her home OR has an income of
$200,000 per year (if single) or $300,000 (if married and filing jointly) for the past two years with the expectation of the same income or more for this year.

Making Investing Simple & Safe

Lower Risk

Reduce the risk of your portfolio while increasing returns at the same time

Be In Control

Be in control of your investment and how much income it will produce

Fixed Returns

Fixed, steady, and reliable 6% - 8% returns with bi-annual payments

No Fees

Absolutely no fees cutting into your investment returns

Start Small

Invest as little as $25,000 to participate in successful cash flowing projects

Great Liquidity

No longterm investment so you are never locked into your investment

No Hassle

Get access to real estate without the need to own, operate, or finance properties

Beat Inflation

Increase your money’s buying power and prevent it from losing value over time

Retire Early

Put your money to work for you with little effort so you can retire early

Elite Capital Management is a real estate fund that makes investing safer and simple. We are investors that raise capital and invest it in secured, cash-flowing real estate projects. Investors are able to invest with Elite Capital Management directly starting with small amounts of money so they can build wealth and retire early.

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